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Faux Bois Garden Bench

Faux Bois Garden Bench

Beckoning You to Sit a While

This inviting bench carved with arching lifelike branches is as a dainty work of art, however if you thought this seat to be a fragile garden prop, you’d be wrong.

This bench is crafted in the French style of Faux Bois, ( that’s  “foe bwah”)  meaning “false wood’.  It’s made of reinforced metal framing, steel mesh  and cement (this process is known as ferrocement).  A top layer of cement is latter applied and sculpted before hardening to appear as wood.  They’re far hardier and longer lasting than any wooden, metal or plastic garden bench on the market and much more unique as well.  It’s also a surprisingly comfortable perch.

where to find this faux bois bench

Faux bois garden bench with display of winter cabbage, celosia and lobelia.

Just what is faux bois?

Faux Bois is the art of making objects appear as though they’re made of wood.  In Victorian days patterns of wood grain were woven into fabrics, painted on wall coverings and carved in concrete flower pots, troughs and garden art.  Recently Martha Stewart, an ardent collector of Victorian era ferrocement faux bois garden art,  introduced faux bois to her wide collection of home goods affording this once forgotten art a new-found following.  Examples of this art trend are cropping up everywhere: the wood-grained look can be found on fashions, home furnishing and electronics and tree branch candle sticks, lamps and tables can be found in every posh furnishing store.

Benefits of ferrocement faux bois benches

See how inviting  faux bois garden furniture can be?

faux bois table and chair

This table and chair set easily blend in with the natural surroundings.   Furniture made of ferrocement is extremely long lasting and requires no extra care.   Here are a few benefits of ferrocement:

  • Super sturdy construction & heavy weight
  • No maintenance needed: never rusts, splinters or needs painting
  • Insect-proof
  • Rot-proof
  • Lasts a lifetime: destined to become family heirloom

Where can you find faux bois garden benches?

Currey and Company of Atlanta, Georgia is a well-known manufacturer of classic home and garden furniture.  Their line of rustic twig-like furniture has no match.  Several companies sell the Currey and Company line of garden furniture. The best online price can be found at Amazon, and free shipping is included.

Currey and Company Faux Bois Woodland Bench

49 x 20 x 38 inches

102 pounds

Hand formed concrete over metal

The traditional technique of faux bois is applied in creating this unique bench. The bench is created the old fashioned way by hand-applying concrete over a metal frame.

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Tip: If storing your ferrocement furniture outdoors, do cover during freezing temperatures. Rainwater can collect in the carved grooves and freeze, causing the cement to expand and crack.


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Martha Stewart’s Faux Bois Furniture See demonstration photos of crafting a faux bois table.

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