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Kokedama – Moss planters

Kokedama - Moss planters

Kokedama moss balls

When I first saw these strange hanging coconut-like things from a distance in a garden in Columbia, South Carolina, I couldn’t figure out what they were. I was told these coconut shaped planters are made of South Carolina soil (lots of  clay) and sphagnum moss.   A clay ball is formed, then rolled in sphagnum moss, then several layers of clay and moss are applied. Spanish moss is rolled on the outside layer.  This is a take on kokedama, or Japanese moss balls, only without the outer layer of green moss.

Kokedama hanging moss ball with kale

A hole is cut into the top and the plant is inserted. The sphagnum moss acts like a sponge and stores water throughout the layers of the planter, keeping the plant moist for a long time.

Kokedama moss balls with grass seed

The last layer of clay and moss  on the middle planter was rolled in grass seed. You can see how it has sprouted a head of grass hair.

kokedama with kale

Not the most practical means to grow kale, but it keeps the bunnies and deer away.

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